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“Talk for specific purposes only. You may want to ask a question or get specific information about something. Gossipers tend to be whiners. They complain a lot, which leads to blaming others and before you know it, you find yourself caught in a gossiper’s trap. 

For instance, imagine this scenario between you and a gossiper.  

You: How is your day so far?

Gossiper: Hummm. . . not too well.

You: What happen? Are you ok?

Gossiper: Well, I was fine until Ms. ABC started complaining about her husband and how he’s been cheating on her. So draining, you know!  

There you have it, caught in a gossiper’s trap. All you were doing was having a caring conversation with a colleague. At this point, the best response would be

You: Well, I know you’re a survivor! You’ll be fine (and walk away with a smile as you look at your watch)” Read More