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There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned cash on a probability or a maybe. 

It takes time and money searching, testing, and hoping you have found the winning strategy only to maybe get a quick win that usually turns out to be hit and miss. 

You start thinking, “I just can’t win, it’s impossible to make any serious money playing roulette the house always wins”.

Of course, you could always open your own Casino or download someauto betting software that will never win in the long term…

… if you have got money to burn and are happy to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over and over!


I am Wol Mushcat, and I would like to introduce you to my Fool proof Roulette beating system, The Broken Wheel System.

With the Broken Wheel System, you can build up your pot and generate spare cash on a consistent low risk basis.

No more spinning and spinning barely making a profit if ever…

No more searching for an impossible piece of software that will auto bet for you.

And no more giving up on your strategies because you must spend all your time on a certain table.

The reasons I created The Broken Wheel System

I am passionate about Roulette, more than just winning it appeals to my logical nature and desire to win even though it is clear the house has the edge I just cant stop trying (always rooting for the underdog!)

This is not a secret formula or magic code or special software, it is based on logic and facts. I took everything i read and learnt and then just started over and stopped looking for hot spots and streaks designed to give the house an even bigger edge

I developed the initial strategy a few years ago and have been using it on a regular basis as my own personal cash machine. I am not a rich man I had to work and could only use it part time But it has paid towards all my holidays , Christmases and household bills for a few years now. 

Then everything changed. Worldwide Pandemic, Panic buying started and lockdown began.

I don’t know of many people that were not affected by this, My work stopped literally overnight . Being self employed meant I had nowhere to turn as in my industry all the companies were forced to stop and my alternate source of work stopped within a few weeks of that.

So now I had no income and I was like many people with very little cash saved. I knew I would now have to use every penny to survive as I had no idea how long this lockdown would last and when after that my work would resume.

It was during the first lockdown where I got the chance to really take a  look at the strategy in more detail and the Broken Wheel System was  born and then another three strategies were formed that used the basic strategy and just kept making it better, quicker and easier to profit from.

Now you have a choice, You CAN win if you want.

WITH The Broken Wheel System, YOU’LL GET:

·         Proven results with no guesswork 

·         Consistent profits covering your stake as you go

·        Play as often as you want on any type of table   

·         100% Legal

·         Play from anywhere on any platform on any table in the world!

·         Satisfaction knowing you have the edge over the house for a change and there is nothing they can do about it.

·         Access to the Closed Club newsletter which  features other systems including horse racing and Football betting

·        3 additional strategies to supercharge your profits at no extra cost

But do not just take my word for it. Read what our Club members have to say:

“I thought I had tried it all, but I clearly had not! I use it on the fun sites and am currently at the top of the leader board and have earned loads of points”.

“Worked as described, looking forward to using the app”.

“I didn’t know anything about Roulette strategies and don’t have time to learn complicated formulas, this is easy as long as you keep a track”.

By now, you are probably wondering how much The Broken Wheel System costs.

Before I answer that, let me ask you a question.

How much would you spend to…

Know that you can play anywhere or anytime and still use the system?

The Broken Wheel System gives you all that and more.

If you had to pay, you could expect to spend.

I am making The Broken Wheel available for a fraction of that.

Act today, and I will also include Access to the Closed Club newsletter which features loads of free stuff, ways of making cash you would not even realise and early access to  other systems I am going to make available to the Closed Club.

As yet another bonus I have included another chapter detailing 3 additional strategies to supercharge your profits at no extra cost

However, normally when you read this you will see the same offer in a week or a months’ time, but this offer is literally time sensitive. I am preparing it for the Affiliate market and will be asking at least to double this price.

Im sure you would be able to figure this system out for yourself if you have the time and cash researching everything I had to research before I developed this strategy as this is all based on facts. But with this Book you have all the hard work done for you, no special programs required or autobots just facts and a simple yet effective strategy to generate consistent profits (average 17.5 times your base stake) 

My published tests generated 56.35 winnings 7.07 Profit from a 0.01 base stake, this took about 30 minutes

You’re going to want to Buy today as I guarantee this price will not be this low forever as soon as I am ready to launch with the affiliates the price will have to go up as I am looking to launch a companion APP which will do all the tracking for you.

Buy today and say goodbye to…

… continue staring at your screen in frustration that yet another strategy failed.

… spending your precious and wasting money chasing a hotstreak spinning for nothing.

… Praying your number in your chosen section comes up or you will have to cut your losses and lose cash

With the Broken Wheel System, you can put these things behind you and win consistently and if you act now you will be one of the lucky few who got in early and saved even more money paying the special price. Just click the button below to Start winning today. You can use any casino program to start using this system today and test it.

Thanks for trying this system. I know you will not regret it. Sincerely, Wol Mushcat

Author of the Broken Wheel System

you could win on average 17.5x your stake every spin using the enhanced system.

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