Roulette Checkmate – Software for Roulette with number prediction for EASY money and Fast profits in online casinos.

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Roulette Checkmate-6 is innovative and unique web-based software in the world that predicts numbers in RNG, Live Dealer and Land Based roulettes.

Roulette Checkmate-6 is not another common simple software tool that calculates column, color, odd-even, etc

Is the most important and best asset for players in roulette.

Roulette Checkmate-6 manages to multiply their chances of winning at roulette suggesting them the right numbers to bet with immediate profits.

Also not required to download software, but accessing the Roulette Checkmate-6 through our web interface via any pc/tablet/smartphone.

The software proposes up to six (6) numbers depending on the sequence of numbers shown on roulette. You bet and wait for them to show up to three (3) of these in the next few spins. Every time you see a number from the proposed numbers you should remove the stakes from that number and will continue with the rest proposed numbers. You continue this procedure until three (3) of the proposed numbers are appeared. It’s likely to occur and the remaining proposed numbers will be appeared in the next spins but we strongly recommend that you stop when the first three (3) of them come and start over the system from the beginning.

When is the right time to bet / Demo Roulette Checkmate-6

Turn constantly roulette without betting if the casino allows it or placing one chip on red and one in black if you are not allowed. The right time is when any number is appeared two (2) consecutive times in roulette. Then turn two (2) more times the roulette without stakes or having a chip on red and one in black. Then enter in the software Roulette Checkmate-6 six (6) last numbers presented in roulette and the application will propose up to six (6) numbers to bet.

Any PC/Tablet/Smartphone with internet connection

How the product will be delivered

Direct access to Roulette Checkmate-6 web interface in our web site.

How long delivery will take

Provided access to the software within 24 hours.

License of use is valid for 3 months (free software upgrades and free live support are included)


Roulette Checkmate software has successfully been tested and gained profits in most online casinos (over 340+ online casinos).

Below we present you in detail the casinos you can win big cash divided by the type of casinos’ software (casino software provider) or alphabetically.

Some casinos use simultaneously or in combination of different software providers (e.g. software provider A for the web version of the casino, software provider B for the downloadable version of the casino).

Still worth noting that casinos which are not appeared in the lists below does not mean that Roulette Checkmate software fails to succeed in those casinos, but it has not been tested yet. You can always contact our specialist support department and report the casino that is not presented in lists to carry out the tests and we let you know about.

We are delighted when we receive positive feedback from enthusiastic people who used Roulette Checkmate software and enjoyed playing and winning at roulette in online casinos.