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Helen Barry (San Diego, CA)

Popular music has always excited people who want to express themselves, to have fun with their friends, to entertain at parties, or to impress other people.

They dream of playing the latest and greatest hits, the “golden oldies” and classic hits of pop and rock, country and western, jazz, gospel… or perhaps the great hymns, traditional folk songs, children’s songs, you name it!

But for most people, music is a pastime, not a profession. With the hectic pace of life today, there just isn’t time for hours of music practice.

Learning to play popular piano music with a full accompaniment written on the bass staff takes years of practice. But — fortunately — there is an easy way to enjoy playing popular music on your keyboard or piano, even if you are not great at sight reading the bass staff!

Introducing… “Playing Popular Music With Ease”

My name is Betty Wagner. I have been a music teacher for more than 30 years, teaching both classical and popular styles of piano. I have always tried to encourage my students to develop their own special styles of playing, but when it came to popular piano, I have seen so many students struggling to get beyond the basics.

There have always been two main obstacles that have been bothering my students:
ONE: There are loads of books of popular music on the market and heaps of sheet music on sale that have full accompaniments written on the bass staff. These beautiful chords and embellishments make nice pieces of popular music into a sensational and memorable playing and listening experience.

But these scores are too difficult for my students to play!
TWO: Most of the other simpler books of popular music on the market have been written for the guitar — they have accompaniments written with guitar tabs that only guitar players can read.

Many of these books also have letters and symbols representing the guitar chords written above the treble line. These are fine if you are a guitar player but if you are studying piano or electric keyboard, how do you use them?
Based on my successes in popular piano teaching, I have found a fantastic technique that overcomes these problems. There was nothing else on the market like this for piano and keyboard students, so I thought I would write an ebook explaining this simple technique.

Here’s how this ebook will help you play popular music:

If you can read a song’s melody written on the treble staff, you will quickly learn how to translate the guitar chords shown in popular music books into attractive piano accompaniments.

If you can play melodies of your favorite popular music songs by ear on the piano or keyboard, you will learn how to accompany yourself using just the chords shown in popular music song books.

Whatever the case, you will learn simple techniques that will allow you, progressively, to master and embellish chords and play your favorite popular songs in your own unique style with ease!


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I know you may have a few questions, so
I thought I would answer them here!

Question #1

What makes Playing Popular Music With Ease different from other guides to playing piano chords on the market?

Answer: Other piano chord guide books expect you to memorize huge numbers of chords or else construct chords by painfully counting out an endless series of half tones (or semitones). Some guide books even teach their techniques by asking you to play row upon row of little black notes written on the bass and treble staves. It would be easier to sight read and play the bass accompaniments themselves directly from the scores!

Playing Popular Music With Ease gives you a simple method of constructing any chord in any key. There is no need to count out masses of semitones, and the note names are written out for every example — in case you are not great at sight reading.

Question #2

Do I understand Playing Popular Music Notes With Ease will really make playing popular music easier?

Answer: Yes! My ebook guides you every step of the way, and walks you through each popular music skill in clear, easy, fun steps. It is full of illustrations and embedded sound clips to help you learn even faster.

Question #3

Have other students used this course successfully?

Answer: I knew you were going to ask this question and the answer is YES! I am a trained piano and music teacher, and I have used my special technique successfully over many years with students as young as 10 years old!

Many of my students were just like you: ordinary people who wanted to go to the next level with their popular music playing. I taught them the simple skills needed to get there.

Question #4

Is this ebook a file that I download or does it come on a CD?

Answer: The ebook comes as a file in the PDF format which can be read on almost every computer in the world.

You download Playing Popular Music
Ease to your desktop and use it anytime you want to. This makes it very easy to access the learning tips and ideas when you need them.

If you are
with this ebook for any reason, your money will be
refunded. To get a refund, just send an email within 8
with the email address you used when you purchased the
and your money will be refunded. You can keep the
articles even if you request a refund — just for
spending the
time to look over Playing Popular Music With


This bonus takes you on a guided tour through notes, rests, and time signatures.

It includes:


Learn how to greatly improve the sound of your music with this bonus article. Correct pedalling can make or mar your music.

– What pedals are found on a piano?

– How does the sustain pedal work?

– How should the sustain pedal be used?

– Practice your technique with a special pedalling exercise and then with a boisterous song played with the left hand only.

– All techniques are illustrated with embedded sound clips.


This free bonus glossary/dictionary is a fascinating and essential resource for any musician – whether they play classical or popular music:

– 34 common musical symbols that tell you everything you need to know about written music, from the staff itself to accents, repeats and pedal signs.

– 62 important musical terms that tell you all about the speed, loudness and other qualities of your musical composition.

– Six common ornaments: Just as we use ornaments to beautify our homes, these musical ornaments are attractive decorations for your music.

– If you aim for excellence in your music, the free bonus, Musical Symbols, Terms and Ornaments, will help you follow written music accurately, play with correct timing and expression, and add attractive ornamentation. This will bring an entirely new dimension to your music!

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There are so many choices that we make in our lives every day.

The person who makes the decision to take their music skills to the next level will be the one to feel the thrill of self expression and to share great music experiences with family and friends.

It’s easy to get started right away. Just —

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So take a deep breath and prepare yourself to put away all the money you thought you had to shell out to pay for extra music lessons — and use this 100% foolproof method of learning to play popular music more easily than you ever imagined.

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