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I had a Famous NFL runningback buy my product and he told me something that was so Very True… he said “You can have a Million dollars in the bank and if your Credit Sucks… you can’t get a damn Cell Phone…” Now isn’t that the TRUTH

When we received the order we didn’t actually believe who had ordered, so we called out of curiosity and it REALLY was him!

3 Credit Bureaus Control your Life…Learn HOW to Fight Back NOW!

Your Quality of Life is Dictated by a Credit Score. Don’t you think you should Know Your Rights to Fix Your Credit???

You have become a number and pure form of profit, a commodity if you will, by 3 private companies that are NOT government entities, they don’t care about you and SELL You Without your consent Everyday…

YOU are bought and sold everyday!

Fellow Frustrated American Citizen,

You should be Furious right now… Fed up with not being able to get through to the Credit Bureaus and make Corrections to your Very Own Personal Credit information. Aren’t you sick of having to FIGHT to make the simplest correction and then most of the time ineffectively!

You should be Screaming Mad right now… Venting your anger at the fact that your Life is controlled by 3 companies that couldn’t care any less about you and do nothing but make profit on you and make you jump through rings of fire to control your own credit information.

You should be Stomping Mad right now… at the The fact that if you submit a dispute through their websites, you correct your info following their rules, THEY do not perform their job correctly and your dispute FAILS. Then the bureaus INSULT you again by Not allowing you to redispute the item.

The problem is the 3 major credit bureaus have becomed more concerned with making money off of your identity and less concerned with the quality of correct data they house, Take Control NOW.

Get the Tools, Knowledge, editable Letters and Years of Proven Effective expertise to resolve EVERY type of Credit issue.

Only Lawyers & Pros know ‘IT’…Until NOW Let me Teach you what the Credit Bureaus DON’T want you to know!

It has taken 14 YEARS to perfect this system and it comes with the proven effective techniques and feedback from helping almost almost a Quarter of a MILLION consumers repair their credit.
You will get the SECRET KNOWLEDGE that is used by Layers and Credit Restoration Professionals ALL on 1 CD-Rom that is jam packed with Credit Repair Software and eBook
But if you fail to make the right decisions, Right NOW, your Suffering will continue.
You can Began TODAY to make a change in your life, Fight Back with ALL the Power, Knowledge, and the TOOLS to make the process as easy and fast as possible and the Same Credit Repair Techniques used by Lawyers… Seriously… lawyers, credit repair pros, and even mortgage companies USE OUR SYSTEM!

It has taken 14 YEARS to perfect this system and it comes with the proven effective techniques and feedback from helping almost almost a Quarter of a MILLION consumers repair their credit.

You will get the SECRET KNOWLEDGE that is used by Layers and Credit Restoration Professionals ALL on 1 CD-Rom that is jam packed with Credit Repair Software and eBook

But if you fail to make the right decisions, Right NOW, your Suffering will continue.

You can Began TODAY to make a change in your life, Fight Back with ALL the Power, Knowledge, and the TOOLS to make the process as easy and fast as possible and the Same Credit Repair Techniques used by Lawyers… Seriously… lawyers, credit repair pros, and even mortgage companies USE OUR SYSTEM!

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar… (we can help resolve all these)

My information was incorrect, I DISPUTED it and nothing was changed except for the letter I received stating” an investigation was conducted and the information was found to be correctly recorded and will remain on your report.”

I was the victim of Identity Theft and I am victimized again by the credit agencies not helping me and making me prove that my credit report is incorrect. (guilty until you prove otherwise… and this is a private government regulated company perpetrating this)

I have collection agencies harrassing me at work, coming to my house in the middle of the night, threatening me over the phone and making my life a living hell. I cannot deal with the stress, I cant sleep because I am so worried and don’t know what to do

“You have been dealing with Bad Credit for all this time and NOW your opportunity is Here to Change your Life Today…”

By using a proven effective system that has been developed by trial and error by Real People with Real Credit Problems. IF you know how, you can use the same laws that enable the credit bureaus to put information onto your Credit Reports, to TAKE IT OFF !

Sometimes the obvious is obscured by its simplicity

This all started a long time ago and since its inception, we have worked with lawyers to make sure we are doing everything withing the law… and guess what, NOW the attorneys are Calling Me for advice and help!

Are you fed up yet with Bad Credit… No Results?… and fed up

• … with not having the credit to buy the things you want, have trouble even renting a car?

• … with having to get a co-signor and Nor being able to get a Credit Card?

• … with denying yourself the lifestyle you love and need… like clothes or a new house or a car?

Please stop it all, Right Now… and began using our Software, eBook, Predrafted Letters

If you really want to fix or repair your credit and remove all the negative items that are keeping you from a better lifestyle and all your dreams, then quit all this nonsense now and forever by having the Knowledge and Power to forever Take Control of Your Credit!

You have to Fight Fire with Fire when dealing with the credit bureaus!

The Credit bureaus do not care about you and the system that they have set up works for handling tens of thousands of disputes each day. The problem is they have automated their system and adhereing to their designated system puts the consumer at a GREAT DISADVANTAGE! Because they are a private company and Regulated by the government that means that they have laws they have to follow as well. KNOWING these laws and how to use them against the bureau to work in your advantage IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. This is exactly what I have perfected with my credit repair system.

Now let me show you some of what you get in this Proven Effective Credit Repair System:

This system outlines the very same techniques I personally used to help hundred of thousands of consumers Just Like You.

This is newly developed for 2011 and generate credit letters based on pre-formatted letters

This is newly developed for 2011 and takes the Nations #1 Best Seller & ADDs even more

“You always hear there is No Such thing as Credit Repair and to avoid such offers, BUT if you had Money and a lawyer they can some how Fix your credit… is that not credit repair? and how do they do it?”

What ever term you want to call it, ‘Credit Repair’ or ‘Credit Restoration’ or ‘Credit Help’ it really Does Not Matter, it is still the process of getting the bad items off of your credit and adding good items to your credit reports.

Those that really know how to clean up your credit usually are not promoting their services, they work with their clients and do not use any terms such as ‘Credit Repair’. Many of these professionals do not use the term because they are AFRAID of the backlash and the scrutiny that comes along with the stigma of the term ‘Credit Repair’. There is such a thing and it seems that only people of power and privledge seem to be able to use lawyers and professionals to accomplish being able to get negative items off of a credit report.

So HOW do they accomplish this? Is it really who you know? Do they know the executives running the credit bureaus? What is it that they are doing that that enable them or gives them the ability to miraculously clean up credit reports of their clients?

Now you can have exactly what they use!

Here is the big secret revealed. I have actually had lawyers as business partners and the one thing that I have learned is lawyers are trained to Use the Laws to their advantage. Think about this, seriously, lawyers defend the guilty and the innocent in the same way. There isnt any different laws they they follow, both the prosecutor and the defending lawyer are playing by the same rule book. Which ever lawyer presents their case in the best way, backed with supporting evidence and previous case laws most of the time wins, unless their is some bias going on with the judge or jury, and this does happen.

My point is simple and it is this. When it comes to removing items from these Private Companies, the 3 major credit bureaus, you must think like an attorney or use their tactics and techniques in order to be successful in your endeavors, which is to Clean Up or Repair Your Credit. It is all about posturing your case, meaning it is how you present your Dispute, the exact verbiage in your Dispute letter, and giving supportive documentation, and then very importantly, presenting your Dispute in the most professional way that stands out and is taken seriously by the credit bureaus.

I have literally helped hundreds of thousands of consumers to do just that! This Life Changing CD-Rom teaches and provides you with Proven Effective Dispute Letters already drafted in MS Word, the exact verbiage you need to be successful, examples and samples for every bad credit item dispute case scenario. You get the software to expeditiously help you generate the letters and track progress as well as the eBook that explains EVERYTHING that you need to know about credit, everything! You will be provided everything that lawyers use everyday to help their clients to Repair their Credit. You will even receive proven effective and tested dispute phrases to be used in conjuction with the predrafted letters, YOU GET IT ALL.

I am so confident that you will raise your credit scores that I can guarantee that if you follow and use the provided materials on the Credit Report 911 CD-Rom, you will raise your credit scores… GUARANTEED!

I can’t possibly answer that question for you, but I can certainly tell you this: it would certainly be worth it – after all, if you can make positive changes on your credit report resulting in an increase in your credit score within 45 days,and thus resulting in changes in your life such as ability to buy a car or buy the American dream… these are life changing effects of fixing your credit. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay good money for something that will benefit you and your family for a lifetime?

Just imagine… having your life back and being able to deny receiving a credit card offer at Target or any other finacial instituion because you Don’t want the extra line of credit and NOT because you don’t want to be embarssed by being denied a credit line? Get your life back and start reparing your credit NOW!

Here is the biggest problem with the 3 major credit bureaus. They have set up a system that is soley built on profit, just like a greedy corporation these days. These credit bureaus are global now and not just here in the USA. You may receive a letter now from Experian stating that a negative item has been added to your credit report, but that is not going to help you to remove it. The credit bureaus are trying their best, and very successfully might I add, to automate the entire dispute process so they can minimize human interaction. What most people don’t know is a certified letter and contacting the credit bureaus with a letter threatening a law suit for not correcting erroneous items, works like a charm!

By using my perfected credit restoration system you will learn all of the best tactics and techniques that are used by lawyers and credit restoration professionals. You will not only learn all the best tactics, but very importantly, will will learn what NOT to do. Knowing what NOT to do can be just as important and critical as knowing what to do, when dealing with credit restoration. There are a lot of things that most people have no idea about when it comes to credit and dealing with the credit bureaus.

I’m here to help you and to hopefully put you back on the road to credit nirvana. You can do a lot of research and spend months of your life learning from reading and studying, but nothing is going to be able to replace actual experience.

I have been helping people with their credit since 1989 and have developed methods from experience. It is these methods, techniques, procedures, experience that have gone into developing the product that you have an opportunity to buy today!

Think about what freedom from credit penitentiary really means to YOU. Whether you are going to live the life you choose, or if you are going to continue along your current path of struggling and suffering.

You CAN can take advantage of this Life Changing System for a FRACTION of what each part retails for as Listed above. For a LIMITED Time we are practically giving it away, so Act NOW!

How much would you spend to have good Credit Again?

would you commit 30 minutes of copying and pasting using MS Word

commit to some reading maybe a couple hours, and

then going through your credit reports

Generate some letters…

take letters to post office and mail 

and wait 45 days for results

Here is what Great Credit can do for you!

Start today and begin turning your life around! Check out BONUSES below

Click here to order this #1 System for just

includes Free Shipping & Handling 



I will Teach You How to Fix Your Credit,
it is like having a lawyer sitting next to you

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I also understand that Due to the pricing on this offer,
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The Credit Report 911 credit system software/eBook and its bonus reports are delivered on a CD-Rom. Everything can be downloaded from CD-Rom upon purchase.

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100% Guaranteed or your
Money Back in 30 days. No questions asked.

Very Easy to Install
– in less than 3 minutes.

Complete Easy to Follow
Installation Instructions even if don’t have technical

There are (36) predrafted credit repair letters that you can use immeditely.

Works on Unlimited number
of subscribers. It will work great for helping your friends and family, you will become a Credit Repair Guru with all the tools

Software easy to use and you can start living the dream 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

Fastest and most efficient way to restore/rebuild your credit like the pros

Bonuses and more Bonueses to help you fix every credit problem that exists

(22) Credit laws in the full version if you want some sleepy reading

Comes with the most comprehensive Credit Glossary that exists, every credit term that you could possibly want defined is in this glossary

You will feel like you have a Lawyer sitting next to you helping you

So Many credit links to help you you will never need another source

Cease and Desist Letter for Collection Agencies.doc

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Debt Settlement Letter.doc matter of minutes.

Demanding A Credit Bureau Investigation.doc

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Dispute Letter Collection Company.doc

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Dispute Letter with Phrases.doc

Dispute Phrases-Reasons.doc

Expired Statue of Limitations Letter.doc

Notification of Lawsuit.doc

Removing Zombie Debt Collection Agencies.doc

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Very minimum system

Microsoft Word to open Word Documents

100% Safe and Secure programs with no ad-ware, Full Versions

Some credit related links on CD-Rom require internet connection

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