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From Michael Milford, PhD

a hard fact – math is an important life skill, but many people struggle
with it. Most of the time, this isn’t their fault – math is
quite challenging when it’s taught the way it is nowadays in schools,
colleges, courses and textbooks. It’s even harder when you have to go
back and relearn math as an adult.

being able to really understand even the most challenging math topics.
When you understand what you’re doing, math actually becomes enjoyable
to do.

you understand the key math concepts and ideas, you succeed in math
exams because you can adapt and adjust to the problems in the exam
being different to what you’ve done in practice.

On the
other hand, if you just rote learn what your teacher, lecturer or
textbook tells you, you’ll struggle to get a good grade. Memorizing
topics may work in geography or history, but it sure doesn’t work in

Now you can get great grades and enjoy math because you actually understand it.

done a lot of the work for you. If you put in the effort to read the
math tutorials I have prepared, you’ll be much better prepared to
understand mathematical topics. Introducing…

gives you 900 pages jam packed full of easy to understand math tutorials to make math easy and interesting to learn.

Math Concepts Explained – Understand the Key Concepts and Ideas

Fully Worked Sample Questions – See How to Work Through Typical Questions

Handy Hints – Avoid Common Mistakes Without Ever Having to Make Them

are electronic books (e-books) that you can download to your computer
instantly. You can be reading them and using them in a few minutes from

Finding quality math tutorials isn’t easy. But the
Complete School package is a proven package that thousands of people
all around the world have already used to succeed at math. In fact:

Math tutorials can sometimes seem too formal and use awkward language. But Complete School is different – it uses everyday language that is both friendly and comfortable to read.

In fact, Complete School
is based on years of one-on-one tutoring with students of all ages and
abilities. It offers you exactly what was said in all those tutoring
sessions, rather than formal textbook writing. But that’s only a tiny
fraction of what this package can offer you –

Here’s a preview of what you’ll have with Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection, and how it stacks up against other products:

Written by someone young enough to remember exactly what it was like trying to succeed at math in school. I remember all the practical tips, tricks and advice that actually help students master math.

An informal, conversational teaching style – learning math is much easier when it’s like someone is talking you through it.

Written exclusively by an academic expert with extensive qualifications who obtained their PhD at the age of only 24 and who was also one of the top national students at school.

Proven unique math teaching techniques which have been used by more than 6000 students all around the world.

Printable math tutorials you don’t have to read off a computer screen – so less strain on eyes

So if you are looking for a collection of math tutorials to help improve your understanding of math and your grades, Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection is your solution.

of all, since these are electronic files it only takes a few clicks
before you can download the entire collection right to your computer.
You can print exactly what tutorials you want, whenever you want.

Before you find out more about how others are finally understanding and mastering math with Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection – sign up to my free e-mail list and I will give you a FREE 34 page study ebook with notes on topics such as fractions, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, equations and many more.

details are kept private and are never shared with anyone, ever. E-mail
can sometimes take a few minutes due to network congestion. You can
unsubscribe at any time.

Look at this extensive list of topics that are included in Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection:

Irrational numbers & surds

Probability and set language

Bearings, azimuths, and symmetry

More 3D shapes and shape nets

Click Here to See an Algebra Sample

Different forms of linear equations

Finding polynomial relationships

Volumes and areas of irregular shapes and solids

Similar figures and geometric constructions

Using and abusing statistical information

Locus and loci – paths things travel

Areas of composite shapes

Three-dimensional trigonometry problems

Volumes of composite solid shapes

Working with errors and measurement

Proportional or direct relationships

Equations using box stories

Click Here to See a Trigonometry Sample

More simultaneous equations

Numerical integration methods

Turning recurring decimals into fractions

Solving polynomial equations

General tips for maths tests

Click Here to See a Numbers Sample

You’ll have fully explained tutorials, worked example questions and lots of handy hints for avoiding silly mistakes.

This is a comprehensive set of Math Tutorials for the Classroom or Home

Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection is now being used by students of all ages around the world to learn those crucial math concepts.

know, like you do, how important being able to understand and use math
is for furthering your education and your status in life. 

Michael, student: “I
have been struggling in maths all my life as I missed out on the basics
in primary school as a result of changing schools. I would like to take
this time just too sincerely thankyou for going out of your way to
produce something (Complete School) that has and will help people, like
myself, who have been struggling. You have given me new found energy to
wake up in the morning and go to school and maths in particular.

Tara, student: “Thankyou
so much for showing me an easier way to understand Algebra and Trig,
your book (Complete School) is easy to follow and explains what my
teachers don’t, I was struggling to understand and asking my teachers
got me no where, my mum got your CD and Book and now I have gone from a
C+ to a A- for extended Maths. Even my Teachers are asking me about
your book.!…a big Thankyou”

Teachers love Complete School too:

Rod, Upper Primary teacher:

the package is aimed primarily at the High School student there are
enough topics covered to be of great value to the Upper Primary sector.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the books is the spacious layout and larger font size used to make reading much easier.

explanations and examples given are extremely easy to follow and should
provide no difficulties for any student or adult wishing to extend
their knowledge of Maths or English… I can say with certainty that
anyone who purchases this package will not be disappointed. It is

More happy users of Complete School:

Belinda, student:
“I recently purchased your book and absolutely love it. I don’t know
what I would have done without it. I only wish that I had it last year
in Year 11.”

Loana, parent: “Highly recommended, best gift any parent can give their kids…Excellent buy A++”

Adalberto: “Great product. My favorite subject. Easy download, will enjoy for a long time.”

Martie, parent: “Excellent product, very impressed, boys loving it”

Paula-Ann: “Just as advertised – a fantastic buy”

Sharryn: Kick ass product. Loved it!! Many Thanks you’re a champion!!!

Ian: Excellent! As described and making me use my brain again! Thankyou greatly

Siobhan: Over the Moon:o) all the Best with this,,Loved it:o) Best Buy Ever:o)))))

Andrew: Fantastic, a great aid for years to come, Thankyou!!!!!!

Sian: Fabulous. Makes learning easy.

Jenny: Your a legend, I’m telling everyone I know about your product.

can’t get better opinions than the experiences of people who have used
something for themselves. And these students, parents and teachers have
been very glad they came across Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection. 

But in Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection
everything is all in one place. Which means you don’t have to go
searching each time you change topics or need to revise something. And
it’s laid out logically in the order that students learn these topics,
so it’s even easier to use.

can I make it so affordable? Simple – I have already paid off my costs
selling these books in bookstores for many times the price, and because
it’s cheap to deliver it to you online.

These are
electronic books (e-books) that can be downloaded very quickly to your
computer. You can be reading the tutorials and understanding math in as
little as 5 minutes from now.

And don’t worry – if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete peace of mind money back guarantee.

Your satisfaction with Complete School is 100% Guaranteed!

I will personally guarantee that Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection will make understanding math easier than you’ll find anywhere else and is the best value math aid you can buy.

you’re not complete satisfied with the incredible range of math
tutorials in this package, contact me anytime (up to 7 days from
the date of purchase) and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.
No hard feelings, no explanations needed.

So, you see, ordering Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection is completely risk-free.

Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection
are Adobe PDF files. To view the PDF files on your computer all you
need is the freely available Adobe Reader software, which can be found here.

These bonuses are only available for a limited time and may be removed at any time.

Order NOW and you’ll also get these fabulous bonuses absolutely free:

probably never seen more math study notes crammed onto one poster in
your entire life. The Megamath poster compresses the key concepts,
ideas and formulae onto two sides of a poster which you can print out
(best printed on A3 paper)

It even folds up nicely to fit in a pocket, which means you can take it anywhere.

You get detailed notes on 32 topics on the poster, including:

Proportional or Direct Relationships

More Fractions and Decimals

Not bad already. But that’s not all you get. Because if you order now, I’ll also throw in:

This package
gives you more than 300 pages of free English tutorials. These
tutorials explain how to write, read and speak English effectively and
have been used by many students to improve their grades in English and
Math. Understanding English also helps with reading and comprehending
math questions.

With Complete School – The Easy to Understand English Tutorials Collection, you get –

Help with the parts of speech
– Clauses, independent clauses, run on sentences, subordination,
dependent clauses or subordinate clauses, noun dependent clauses,
adjective dependent clauses, adverb dependent clauses, elliptical
clauses, predicates, complete predicates, compound predicates,
predicate adjectives, essential and nonessential clauses and much more.

Help with grammar
– nouns, subjects, objects, pronouns, verbs, verb tenses, verb forms,
moods and voices, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and lists,
prepositions and much more.

Help with sentences – types of sentences, sentence basics, writing sentences well and much more.

Help with political correctness, punctuation.

Help with building vocabulary.

Help with writing essays – analytical essays, expository essays, objective and subjective writing, structuring an essay, narrative essays and more.

Help with writing tone, describing things in detail, writer’s block, writing reviews, personal writing.

Help with storyboarding, dramatic performance and oral communication.

Tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

That’s a great set of free bonuses.

collection of math tutorials is unique and one of a kind. I have spent
almost ten years developing this package and using feedback from
thousands of students to improve it.

You can only get
this product from me. It isn’t available in bookstores anymore because
they have sold out of hardcopy books. Just imagine having this complete
collection of easy to understand tutorials ready to be downloaded right
away when you order.

A complete set of easy to understand math tutorials that you simply print and use.

900 pages of explanations, illustrations, fully worked questions and
handy hints, so you’ll always be able to get help for that new math

Print as many copies of what you need, from your printer, when you need them.

the 2 bonuses that also give you a poster jam packed with study notes
on 32 topics, and the complete English tutorials collection – great
resources that will come in handy all the time.

Complete School will give you the chance to actually understand, enjoy and succeed at math.

Wishing you all the best,

Academic, Tutor and Published Author

Remember, you’re getting hundreds of easy to understand tutorials on
all the major topics for a tiny fraction of what it would cost you to
get the same in normal textbooks, math tutoring, or math software

If you’ve come to this page, you’re obviously searching for Math material…

so instead of spending money on movie tickets…

or greasy fast food meals…

for the same amount of money, you can make an investment in you or your child’s education and future with Complete School – The Easy to Understand Math Tutorials Collection

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