Wealth Trigger 2.0: Reloaded – Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones

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From the desk of Joe Vitale
Star of the blockbuster movie “The Secret”
Wimberley, Texas

illionaire’s agree: What I’m about to share with you is the secret key you’ve been missing… the reason you’re still struggling. It’s the gas that makes the sports car fly. It’s the foundation the house is built on… and without it, you won’t succeed… period. I’ve seen thousands of people rise “from rags to riches” … and I’ve seen thousands of people remain stubborn and keep failing. So trust me on this: read this short letter carefully, and you’ll walk away with knowledge that will finally “set you on track”, guaranteed.

Truth is, I tasted “rock bottom” in a way that’ll turn your head upside down..

I want you to imagine yourself in my shoes… not with the wealth and abundance I have today… but as the homeless man I was in the late ’70’s, wandering around Dallas, Texas, living dollar to dollar in constant desperation. Do you think you have it bad? Do you think your struggles are unbeatable? I had it worse…

Oh yes, I wanted to be more… and I tried. But I didn’t have a lick of confidence in my future. I could almost taste the wealth, and that delicious freedom money can provide… but like you, I kept struggling. I kept failing.

No, you’re not homeless, but you and “homeless Joe” likely share something in common. And deep down, you’re self-aware enough to know this:

This is the first realization you need to hold onto: Three heads… three thieves of wealth… and nothing but struggle and failure to show for it. What are they? Deservingness, Self-Respect, and Secret Hatred. I secretly believed I didn’t deserve wealth. I didn’t respect myself to put in 100%. And I hated money as a result. I have a feeling you can relate. But what you might not know, is that this is the start of a journey that will take you to the wealth you deserve.

The culprit? Deep within my mind, buried in my subconscious, I had a clog AND a gaping hole… BOTH of them:

1. First, I was FULL of self-doubt, procrastination, self-sabotage, self-loathing… you name it. All the usual junk… but on a massive scale.

2. I was also LACKING the basic tenants of true wealth… the information and perspective that ALL millionaires have… even if they’re not aware of it.

The result was failure after failure, let-down after let-down, and a hopelessness that brought me to my knees. The Three-Headed Wealth Thief was controlling my life. And for a long time, I had absolutely no idea how to fix it. Sure, I knew it was possible. But I was completely lost…

Here’s the critical point… and I want you to really think about this. The first step was discovering what wealth TRULY means:

Wealth makes you effective. When I ask people, “why do you want to become wealthy?”, many people simply say “I want to help more people. I want to make a difference.” The truth is, wealth is the key to make that happen. Money is a tool… and when you have it, you can make more of a difference… in the lives of everyone you touch.

Wealth puts a spring in your step. It’s not hard to imagine: the stress of money (the bills, the debts, the limitations) weighs you down. Many say to themselves: “this is my life’s struggle… it’s what I must accept.” Not true! Wealth washes away stress after stress! Kill the stress and suddenly you’re lighter on your toes, even smiling uncontrollably.

Wealth gives special confidence that only comes from achievement. How much does your struggle make you doubt yourself… even hate yourself? Does it make you feel incompetent, or even “stupid”? Well, when you finally have that wealth… and you will… all those mental and emotional shackles will fall away… and you’ll be left feeling unstoppable…

Wealth makes you fearless. Overcoming your mental hurdles to get that first bit of wealth in your pocket changes your mental chemistry. How “impossible” does becoming wealthy feel right now? And how afraid of failing again and again are you? Put that wealth in your pocket, and suddenly you realize how thin most of your fears actually are. You’ll feel unstoppable…

Wealth gives you new appreciation for life. Yes, surrounding yourself with luxuries is a lot of fun and truly rewarding. But you’re not shallow person only interested in the bling and flash of wealth. As I said before, money is a tool… and when you have it in your hands, you suddenly discover new possibility after new possibility you never once considered. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow saying “what am I going to do with my wealth today?” Whether you want simple luxuries or a taste of the unimaginable, it all starts with the secrets revealed on this page.

Ask yourself, what do all wealthy people have in common? What did it take to rise from financial struggle to wealth freedom?

How did I go from broke and homeless… to living a life full of luxuries and joys?

It wasn’t luck. It wasn’t the typical “secret step-by-step recipe.” It wasn’t any of the crap that people try to shove down your throat.

Simply said, it was the mindset. It was the wealth mindset!

Opportunities to strike it rich are all around us. It’s almost as plentiful as the air we breathe. But it means NOTHING if you don’t have the wealth mindset that empowers you to transform an opportunity into a concrete reality.

I’m about to paint a few pictures of the “New You.” Read each paragraph carefully and imagine yourself the way I’m describing you:

When you too command the Wealth Mindset, you’ll see opportunity at every corner… simply waiting for you to grab it. You’ll find creating wealth as effortless as tying your shoes. You’ll have a sharp mind capable of knowing what to do… and when to do it. The Wealth Mindset becomes the heart that pumps constant life into every project and opportunity you take on.

When you command the Wealth Mindset, plagues like self-sabotage, procrastination, self-doubt will be mere memories of the past. You’re not shy, you’re bold. You’re not afraid of failure, you take it all on. You don’t stand in your own way, you move forward with ease.

When you command the Wealth Mindset, the “have to do’s” will become “want to do’s.” It is the millionaire multi-tasking. You look at millionaires and ask, “How do they do that… and at the same time?” The reason millionaires bring in wealth like it was nothing is because their minds are wired to do everything that needs to get done with ease, and say “no” to everything that gets in your way. In other words, it’s the secret to setting up multiple passive streams of income.

When you command the Wealth Mindset, life becomes a joy ride. You’ll live life on YOUR terms. You’ll treat yourself how and when you want to treat yourself. You’ll treat your loved ones in ways that will shock and enthrall them. You’ll feel like you’re walking on water… floating through life’s many pleasures…

There is no end to what you can do when you command the Wealth Mindset. BUT, this isn’t a simple luxury! This is a REQUIREMENT if you want to become wealthy. You CANNOT slip by this step! But, as you’ll see, you’re going to enjoy the process. Here’s why:

I’m no fan of over-the-top hype. I’m not here to insult your intelligence. But trust me when I say that what I’m sharing with you today is unlike anything else out there. Here’s why:

Until today, people who understood how important the wealth mindset was… people like me back in Dallas… had to work HARD to successfully achieve it.

Think about it… First, you have to get rid of all your negative beliefs and habits. It was one intense struggle! I can’t tell you how much willpower I put into making that all happen. Are you capable of doing the same thing… the hard way? Absolutely. It’s a challenge, but you can do anything if you put your mind to it (but with what I’m giving you, you won’t have to).

But it doesn’t stop there. I had to study the minds of millionaires. I needed to know what they knew… how they saw the world in front of them… what an opportunity looked like and how to achieve it. I read book after book, hour after hour. And finally it all clicked.

But here’s where I can put a smile on your face and give you a sigh of relief…

You don’t have to struggle like I did… like the thousands of truly wealthy people out there. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to get the right mindset before. It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed again and again. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re permanently weighed down by “baggage.” It doesn’t matter if you secretly don’t have confidence you’re capable of doing all of this.

Because, with the help of ancient techniques and modern technology, there is literally a way to “hack” into your brain and rewire it for you. Yes…

Sound a little to easy? I understand. But it’s possible IF you let us help you.

Once you have this mindset, there will be work to do to build that physical wealth… but getting this mindset won’t take any work at all… not anymore. Not if you’re equipped with what I’m giving you today.

I want to introduce you to someone…

This is the guy you want on your side. Some call him a miracle worker. Some call him “too good to be true.” But nobody can deny the thousands of success stories he leaves behind him.

His name is Steve G. Jones. He is a clinical hypnotherapist, a master of Neurolinguistic Programming, and one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met. His knowledge on the conscious and subconscious mind, on the ins and outs of human psychology, is staggering. But his desire to help others is inspiring.

And he puts it all to good use… he takes people like you and uses the most advanced hypnosis techniques in existence (stuff you’ve never heard of) and literally “reprograms” people’s minds. And all they have to do is lie back and close their eyes.

In other words, some people spend a lifetime trying to “fix” their mind, to “heal” their subconscious… when Steve can do that for you in a matter of hours. Yes, I can’t deny it… it does seem too good to be true… but then again, nobody ever believed we’d be able to fly. And now we can, without even thinking twice…

So what does this have to do with you?

I’ve partnered with Steve with one goal in mind… and one goal only. Our mission was simple: Create the “mind hack” anybody can use to achieve the true wealth mindset once and for all… so they can focus on the important stuff… becoming wealthy.

We Don’t Abuse Or Share Your Information EVER!

Want to unlock the wealth mindset within you… without years of struggle? Want to taste true wealth… without another let down? Want to “defy all odds” and strike it big… while you’re still youthful enough to enjoy it? Want to remove the largest obstacle in your path… without straining a single muscle? 

Welcome to Wealth Trigger 2.0: Reloaded. In this revolutionary program, Steve and I are giving you the “plug-and-play” tool you need to instantly transform your mind today, with its self-doubt, self-sabotage, procrastination, and ingrained negative beliefs… and its gap in understanding the path to true wealth and the ingrained millionaire mindset. We’re going to give you a sharpened, experienced wealth magnet of a mind, armed with all the tools that millionaire rely on every single day.

Do you need to struggle like I did? Do you need to read every book that might hold the “key” to wealth like I did? Do you need to study the advice of every millionaire you come across? No, no, and no.

Instead, Steve and I have worked together to model the perfect wealth mindset… the same mindset responsible for literally billions of dollars in combined wealth… and plugged it into a “mind machine” that will literally rewire your brain on autopilot.

You see, there’s a reason Steve and I collaborated on this program together. I know the ins and outs of the true wealth mindset. And Steve knows the science of implanting that blueprint directly into your mind. It’s the killer combo… the one-two punch.

So the burning question… how does this all work? Are we going to be hooking you up to a machine? Are we going to slip you a pill? No, there’s more to it than that… and it’s all quite simple. You get it all in 12 audio modules that step-by-step to reprogramming your mind (Expecting something more flashy? Trust me, this is all you need).

First, we’re going to work on your conscious mind. I’ve distilled the secrets to my wealth… to the Wealth Mindset… down to simple, digestible nuggets of gold. In a multi-part audio training, I’m going to help seduce your conscious mind to see and digest the basic tenants of wealth you need.

Not only are you going to have aha! moment after aha! moment, but this will also prepare you to let Steve work his magic. (By the way, what I’m sharing in my audio training are truly nuggets of gold. You will want these audios close to you)

Second, Steve is going to give you step-by-step instructions to creating the perfect hypnotic brain-transformation program designed specifically for you… designed specifically so you can create money on demand. Steve’s held nothing back… he’s packed this program with all of his most advanced techniques that WILL reprogram your mind… if you say yes.

In other words, these 12 modules will literally hand you the tools you need to reprogram your mind for wealth… this is exactly what you need to claim the ONE REQUIREMENT for wealth… the true wealth mindset.

In fact, I understand the deep anxiety and desperation that money troubles can cause better than most people out there. I’ve researched every book, every expert, every technique available on creating wealth from scratch. But more importantly, I walk the walk. I’m a wealthy individual who made it happen. I enjoy the luxuries and the freedom. And I know exactly how I got there. In other words, I know the blueprint of the wealth mindset like the back of my hand.

Command the same wealth mindset that’s made thousands of millionaires millions of dollars… all in a matter of days

Finally… live life free of self doubt, self sabotage, limiting beliefs, procrastination… and watch your world transform with every step

Wake up knowing wealth is knocking at your door, even if you’ve struggled for years and convinced yourself it’s “too good to be true”

Develop this millionaire mindset without reading hundreds of books, spending years studying the masters, and trying (and failing) to get the “breakthroughs” you need…

Transform the path to wealth from a mere dream… a “someday” event… into a concrete reality you see clearly coming your way

Discover how to pinpoint the personal obstacles that hold you back and then melt them away using simple self hypnosis…

Free yourself forever from the dangers of financial struggles. Never suffer the inability to pay bills, afford healthcare, or help out friends and family in need.

Find out the greatest money-making secret in history (not hype… once you hear it, it will make perfect sense)

See how to take those opportunities for wealth that are glaring at you… and transform them into reliable “print on demand” money-makers

Finally experience the clarity and conviction every millionaire possesses (you’ll look at the world around you in a completely new light)

Hold the financial power capable of helping those in need and providing support for other’s dreams (wealth comes with the opportunity for real personal fulfillment)

Take on any money-making opportunity with ease, confident without a shadow of doubt, ready to make money on your terms

And do all of this with absolute ease… just plug it in and watch how fast your mind transforms…

At the beginning of this letter, I asked you to imagine yourself in my shoes… as a broke, homeless man. Now I want you to imagine yourself in YOUR shoes, sitting next to me as I am today… two people sharing the joys and freedom of true wealth.

Imagine letting your mind float freely from dream to dream, possibility to possibility. Imagine doing all the things you’d like to do… and knowing, with a quiet smile on your face, that you can. Imagine how light you’ll feel, how effortless life will feel, how free you are to be exactly who you want to be.

Imagine your close friend coming to you for help, in need of desperate financial assistance. Imagine that quiet smile as you take out your check book and write the check that allows your friend to walk away relieved and thankful for your generosity.

Deep down, you can’t deny you’d love every moment you had the power to make your dreams a reality-on-demand. All of this is what I experience every day. That quiet smile I kept mentioning? That’s painted on my face every day.

I love life. I love living life on my terms. And I know you will too. And, as a man of integrity, I wouldn’t be here implanting these dream visions into your head if I didn’t know in my heart that you were about to take the step you need to take to get you to the wealth you deserve.

Your success is my first priority. Period. That’s why Steve and I have put in hours and hours of work into creating the perfect program that’s guaranteed to hand you the wealth you deserve, no matter who you are, where you are, how inexperienced you might be.

So to put you over the top, I’ve decided to include some bonuses that will whip you into shape and transform you into the money magnet you’re destined to be… easy as 1-2-3.

The original Wealth Trigger program was a blockbuster hit. Thousands of people got their hands on this revolutionary program that laid the foundation for an incredible path to wealth.

And even though Wealth Trigger 2.0: Reloaded contains everything you need, the original Wealth Trigger program contains invaluable information and techniques we didn’t have room to include in the new program. But luckily for you, you get it included, free of charge.

How Joe Activated The Wealth Trigger – Here I will show you exactly how I activated the Wealth Trigger in my life and how it’s changed every single moment from that day.

The First Key To Trigger Activation – Discover the first step in preparing the trigger to be activated within so you can see how powerful in really is.

The Secret Hypnosis Weapon – Here I’ll introduce you to a powerful hypnosis weapon that can be used to reformat your entire subconscious mind so you can begin attracting wealth.

Three Elements of The Law Of Attraction – Learn the three steps you simply cannot skip when harnessing the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

The One Thing You Must Do – Chances are you’re missing this step just like 99 % of the people out there trying to attract wealth and remaining broke.

Thought Transformation – Here I’ll show you exactly how to transform any negative thoughts that hold you back into positive one’s that fuel your success.

Job Attraction – In this part of the module, I’ll show you the exact steps to attract a new job that will put cash in your pocket right away.

Career Attraction – Here you’ll learn how to attract the career that you’ve always wanted and how to move rapidly up the corporate ladder.

Opportunity Attraction – Opportunities are all round you. Now you’ll learn how to quickly identify and capitalize off of them.

Shattering Your Limiting Beliefs – Now you can crush those thought barriers that once held you back so nothing gets in your way on the road to wealth.

Leveraging Your Strengths – Part of attaining wealth is learning to use what comes easy to you. Here I’ll show you how to identify and capitalize off of your natural strengths and abilities.

Visualization 101 – Without a vision, nothing is possible. Here you’ll learn how to create the vision of abundance so it can be realized in no time flat,

Turn Key Confidence – The confidence to move forward is often enough to take you to the next level. Here you’ll learn how to turn it on almost magically.

Intention Directing – Discover the secret to directing your intentions in ways that will serve you rather than hold you back.

Real Goal Setting – Here you’ll learn a simple but powerful way to set goals so they actually come to fruition instead of falling by the wayside.

The Truth About Self Hypnosis – Here Steve will share the facts on self hypnosis and how it will change your life if done correctly.

Sensory Identification – Because we all relate to the world differently, Steve will show you how to quickly determine your best method of learning new information so you don’t waste time.

Inductions – Here Steve will show you his exact method for entering the first stage of self hypnosis.

Deepenings – Here you’ll learn the secrets behind entering the seconds stage of the trance.

Custom Wealth Script – Here you’ll discover the exact five step blueprint that you can use to create your own custom wealth script so you can attain what’s important to you in life.

Power Wealth Scripts – Here Steve will share three scripts that will infuse your finances with power including Unlimited Wealth, Find your Passion and Abundance.

Trance Termination – Here you will learn how to end your hypnotic trance the “right” way so your results remain intact.

How to Record Your Own Session – In this part of the module, Steve will show you a step by step process to record your own session which you can use forever to strengthen your mind.

Hypnosis Without A Recording – In this four step process, Steve will show the secret to hypnotizing yourself without a recording. Now that’s power!

Steve is a master hypnotist. This should be obvious by now. But I want to make something clear: Steve has the power to transform almost any aspect of your subconscious mind!

So think about it: What else do you need to make your new Wealth Mindset an unstoppable money magnet? How else could you use the power of hypnosis to transform your life from top to bottom?

It’s all through what I call the “Wealth Powerpack.” In these 5 audio hypnosis programs, Steve will reprogram your mind to achieve even more wealth. You’ll receive:

Power Your Mind To Achieve Unlimited Motivation

Power Your Mind To Achieve Unlimited Confidence

Power Your Mind To Achieve Unlimited Wealth (Only heightens the power of your new Wealth Mindset)

Power Your Mind To Discover Your Passion

Power Your Mind To Discover Abundance

Inside this rare training series:

No longer let lack of confidence prevent you from overcoming fears or from getting what you richly deserve in your life

Discover how to get in touch with that part of you which is ready to create riches, love, and happiness in your life NOW!

Feeling lost, unfulfilled, in a rut? Unleash yourself to move forward & discover (or rediscover!) your passion!

If you just can’t seem to get motivated, get yourself moving and achieve unlimited motivation with hypnosis!

Ignite that fire within you and become tuned in to your destiny!

Finally have the confidence to be able to achieve what you want – whether it’s something simple or something complex… Be unstoppable! Be a WINNER!

Accomplish & bring into this world everything that you haven’t yet done, but want to get done!

Learn to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want and live in blissful abundance!

You want to become wealthy… you need to become wealthy… and to do this, you MUST be equipped with the true Wealth Mindset. Without it, you won’t succeed. Period. It’s proven, and there’s no argument that can change that.

Thousands of people who attained wealth, myself included, spent years of research and sleuthing to figure out how to achieve this for ourselves. We worked, we studied, we sweat, and we got there… but it took a lot of hard effort. We did NOT have the opportunity you have today.

Instead, you can take the easy route… and if you don’t, well, I don’t know what to say. This is your chance to have your mind reprogrammed for you… and you get to walk away, with almost no effort at all, equipped with the exact same wealth mindset that I have. I worked hard for it… but you don’t have to.

All you have to do is say yes. So do it. Do it! Say yes to the missing puzzle piece that’s held you back. Say yes to a change millionaires would have died to have at their disposal… including me. Let Steve and I do the work for you… all you have to do is say yes! Remember, I risked everything to get where I was am today. I risked my health, my sanity, my personal respect. But you risk nothing… you can have all of this… and it’s all backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked, iron-clad guarantee.

All you have to do is say yes. Just click the button below and you’ll get immediate access to Wealth Trigger 2.0: Reloaded… the only program in existence that hands you the wealth mindset you need on a silver platter. Here it is… on a silver platter. So take it. Click the button below to get immediate access… risk free… and watch the rest unfold before your very eyes…

I Understand The Wealth Mindset Is An ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT To Become Wealthy… And Wealth Trigger 2.0: Reloaded Is The Only Way To Attain This Mindset Without Years Of Hard Work And Study! I Understand There Is Absolutely No Experience Necessary. And I Understand I Am Backed By A Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Please Give Me IMMEDIATE ACCESS To The Digital Version Now!

To order, agree to the EULA terms below and click “Add To Cart”

I’ve done my part. The rest is up to you. If you walk away, you will lose it all… you’ll have to walk the same path with the same struggles that I had. Is it worth it? The answer is obvious.

I’ll see you on the other side

P.S. What’s the secret to true wealth? It’s not the next big step-by-step opportunity. It’s claiming the true wealth mindset for yourself. It’s what I have… it’s what all wealthy people have… and without it, you won’t budge an inch. You’ll still struggle, you’ll still fail. But you don’t have to. World-famous hypnotist and neurolinguistic programming expert Steve G. Jones and I are literally going to reprogram your mind… we’re going to implant the true wealth mindset straight into your brain… and there’s nothing that can stop it… not your fears, your self doubt, your self sabotage…

P.P.S. If you want to savor life’s true potential with true wealth in your pocket, then join me. Now’s your chance to get the missing puzzle piece. I was once homeless and penniless… much worse off than you are today. And I built myself up from nothing… with hard work, a lot of elbow grease, and sheer determination. But guess what? You don’t need that. All you need to do is let us do what we do best… let us reprogram your mind for you… and you can walk away with the taste of wealth fresh on your tongue…

We Don’t Abuse Or Share Your Information EVER!

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