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Do you want to hit more line drive shots?

Do you want to drive more balls out of the park?

Do you want to throw the ball with more power?

Do you want tougher hands, wrists and forearms so you can play harder than ever before?

“No Stone is Left Unturned…”

“Baseball is one of the more complex sports and Jedd’s Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball manual addresses one of the most
overlooked aspects of the game; proper strength, conditioning and restoration of the forearm muscles. Never before has a manual been made that addressed the proper training
for these key joints and muscles; neglecting their importance for your baseball career would be a huge disservice.

Just think about the amount of work that the forearms do during baseball. When you throw, hit and catch forearms are always used and that is why this manual is perfect for
players, coaches and strength and conditioning experts looking for that competitive edge on the baseball diamond. Jedd has over 300 pages packed with everything you need
to know about properly training your forearms for baseball, no stoned is left unturned.

Don’t do what the competition is doing, get this manual now and be steps ahead!”
Doug Fioranelliwww.riseabovestrength.com

“Ask the EXPERT, Not the Pretender”

“I was always told that if you have a question about something you always ask the expert, not the pretender. When it comes to
training grip, Jedd is just that, the expert. Since we met 9 years ago, I’ve always gone to Jedd with my grip and forearm training questions. Jedd always has a new
toy that I can build, a better way to get the job done or a more efficient way for me to fit our grip and hand training into our program. This e-book puts all of those answers
together in 1 great resource. One thing that really sets this book apart is the easy way Jedd breaks down the lower arm, how it moves, what actions are associated with those
movements and the muscles involved. If that wasn’t enough, the fact alone that that nearly 200 pages are just exercises for you to help improve you or your athlete’s hand
strength makes this manual a must have. Add on top of that his incorporation of equipment you can build for next to nothing, and new equipment that I’m sure many athletes and
coaches have never seen before, or ever thought of using. Oh, and just when I thought, wow, this thing has a ton of info, Jedd really went big here, he gives you an additional
20 work outs that you can implement TODAY in your training. That’s unreal. He takes the thinking out, and gives you everything you need: what equipment to get or make, how to
perform the exercise and the work outs you can implement in your training right now. I know that because of this e-book, what we do on a daily basis is about to change.
Thanks for putting out yet another great product, Jedd!”
Jay DeMayo, CSCS, USATF I, AKC, USAW, FMSHead Strength and Conditioning Coach/Basketball, University of Richmond

“Your Best Training Manual Yet Brother!”

“You hit a homerun with this one! I do tons of research for training athletes and certain
sports and this is by far the most definitive grip training manual for baseball that I have ever seen. This is one of the most important and usually over looked aspects of
training for baseball players and you covered it all and then some. This manual should be a resource for anyone who plays baseball that is interested in elevating their game.
Honestly, I know this is specific for baseball but any athlete would benefit from these techniques. Your best training manual yet brother!”
Jerry ShreckHead Strength & Conditioning CoachBucknell UniversityVarietyTrainer.com

Looking forward to helping you become a League Leader!

All the best in your training and play,

– Jedd –

PS: Remember, Grip and Forearm strength are involved in just about every facet of the game of baseball. You need to train this stuff the right way for the best results.

PPS: It’s time to get out of the Busch Leagues doing the same old tired exercises like wrist curls and wrist roller. It’s time to hit your grip at all angles. I’ll show you how in this manual.

NOTE: Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball is a downloadable manual, with multiple bonuses and videos. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and watch the videos onto your computer screen. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF and the videos are files hosted at Vimeo.com, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.If you have any questions, contact me via email at [email protected]