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Spoon Bending 101 is a great way to get a feel for what telekinesis can do. Prove to yourself and others that your mind is a powerful tool. ‘Spoon-bending’ contrary to its name, is not just about bending spoons, forks and other types of metal. It’s a FUN way to open yourself to your minds full potential.

Some people have the gift, for years I hoped to be given the gift of spoon bending.

Then I discovered that spoon bending is an skill that can be learned.

James D Dayley provides hours of instructions, demonstrations and personal stories.

Learn the effect Uri Geller made famous. Perform the Human Levitation and amaze your friends.

Spoon Bending 101 – The Houck Technique by James Dayley

34 Page Downloadable  E-book (pdf)

Access to additional videos and instructions.

Learn “Dowsing”. It can be used to communicate with our subconscious mind.

Learn to Levitate your friends with your fingertips.  And much more.

You will get immediate access to your downloadable product.

Includes Hours of Instructional video. 34 page PDF book and Bonus Materials

Satisfaction Guaranteed.
60 Day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

James D D Dayley at Hypnothoughts Live 2016

Hypnotist James D. Dayley teaching the art of Spoon Bending in Las Vegas Nevada.

Throughout my career, I have met lots of hypnotherapists, but there is one outstanding one. That truly impressed me.

This is James Dayley. Who is not only a brilliant hypnotherapist but he is also an amazing mentalist. Who perhaps can read your mind. I highly recommend him to help you, to achieve your goals.

If you want to be highly motivated and inspired then, James is the person for you. URI Geller.

Spoon Bending 101 is a great way to get a feel for what telekinesis can do. Prove to yourself and others that your mind is a powerful tool. ‘Spoon-bending’ contrary to its name, is not just about bending spoons, forks and other types of metal. It’s a FUN way to open yourself to your minds full potential.

My goal is to open a dialogue about the science of the spoon bending and the myths of spoon bending. Throughout this course, I will share some of my personal experiences with Uri Geller, the most notable spoon bender as well as some of my experiences with such phenomenon. I will also explore the science behind it, specifically the “Houck technique”. Named after Jack Houck, a rocket scientist; it was developed in 1981 and known as the PK Party.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 60 Day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

When you order Spoonbending 101 you will get instant access to videos that you can download or stream from you computer.

Spoon Bending 101 (35 Page PDF E-book)

1. Introduction to Spoon Bending, AKA “Warm Forming”

2. Module One, get to know some of the people that inspired this project. Uri Geller the original spoon-bender, Jack Houck, the creator of the PK Party in 1981 and Hypnotist James D. Dayley.

3. Module Two – The human levitation

4. Module Three – Spoon Selection and learn to use a pendulum.

5. Module Four – Warm Forming the Houck Technique in detail

6. Module Five – Hypnosis and conclusion

1. A demonstration of Liquid metal with James Dayley

2. James Dayley Talks about Spoon Bending to the Northern Utah Magic Association

There’s no special props or gimmicks, I do suggest that you get your hands on a lot of cheap cutlery, once you have mastered Spoon-bending you will get really excited at first. I have had complaints that families have sat down to eat dinner only to find that someone has bent every piece of cutlery in the house. I recommend that you start with thin inexpensive cutlery that you can buy cheap at the big box stores. As you develop your skill in spoon-bending, work up to heavier metals. My personal favorite spoons are old antique spoons made of silver I find at antique stores, but that can get expensive.

Q. Is this a magic trick?

There are many “Spoon Bending magic tricks out there, just check out your local magic shop. Spoon Bending 101 is NOT a magic trick. The technique you will learn here is called “Warm Forming” and it was was developed by Jack Houck and was inspired by Uri Geller.

Q. What Format Do I Receive the Videos In?

Both streaming and download video. Choose to play any video on your mac or pc, tablet or smartphone and also download the file so you can watch it offline at anytime.

For any more questions please contact us at: info@spoonbening101.com

Retired Boeing Engineer Jack Houck hosted “PK Parties” (psychokinesis parties) 1981-1988 where 85% among thousands of participants are claimed to have accomplished spoon bending personally.

Author Michael Crichton described his successful experience with spoon bending at a psychokinesis party in his 1988 book Travels: I looked down. My spoon had begun to bend. I hadn’t even realized. The metal was completely pliable, like soft plastic. It wasn’t particularly hot, either, just slightly warm. … I had bent a spoon, and I knew it wasn’t a trick. I looked around the room and saw little children, eight or nine years old, bending large metal bars. They weren’t trying to trick anybody. — Michael Crichton, Travels, 1988, pages 319–320

Parapsychologist and author Dean Radin has reported that he was able to bend the bowl of a spoon over with unexplained ease of force with witnesses present at an informal psychokinesis experiment gathering in 2000. I was much more skeptical about such claims until one day I personally folded the bowl of a large, heavy soup spoon in half with a gentle touch, and with half a dozen witnesses present. I later tested to see if I could do this again with a similar spoon using ordinary force. I couldn’t budge the bowl without the assistance of two pairs of pliers and some serious leverage. — Dean Radin, Entangled Minds, page 331 Maureen Caudill, a trainer associated with the Monroe Institute, claims this is significantly easier to achieve when performed in groups rather than alone.

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