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Get Ready for £2,000 in Tax Free Profits THIS WEEK!

Would you like to quit your job and make a full-time income from betting?

Would you like to discover a method for generating INCREDIBLE PROFITS week in, week out?

Would you like money to pay your bills, buy whatever you want and to live a better quality of life?

Well today you are in luck!

I’m not sure how you found me but you should thank your lucky stars that you did!

Because today is the day that you can finally start making some real money consistently and easily from horse race betting.

And i’m not talking about a few quid here, and I’m not talking about a few hundred quid either…

I’m saying you can make £2,000 PER WEEK tax free!

Hi there, my name is Eddie Jacobs and over the past twenty years I’ve made millions of pounds by using my One Pound Method.

What is the One Pound Method? What does it mean?

Using my skills as a Master Accountant i have devised a system that allows me to constantly profit from horse race betting.

When i first started out i was betting one pound at a time, and i called my system the One Pound Method, which reflected that.

But that doesn’t mean that this system limits you to one pound bets – it’s methods are so reliable that you can use it to bet with any amount you like, from £1 to £100,000!

And this system is so good that it can be used anytime, anywhere, and by following it YOU can make thousands of pounds for yourself a week, just like i have.

By using my One Pound Method you will have the ability to make yourself £100,000 per year.

That’s more than enough money to quit your job and to do all of the things that you have ever wanted to do.

Buy a nice house, buy a second house! upgrade your car, pay off all of your bills…

So get ready for a big change, as a lot of great things are coming your way.

Yes… everything is about to change for YOU!

So are you ready to make the change? I hope for your sake that the answer is yes!

This is how the One Pound Method works:

Every morning when you check your emails you’re going to see a message from me containing the bets that i advise that you make for that day.

From there the only thing you need to do is to follow my advice and to get those bets on.

You can do that easily by using your computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or by visiting your local bookmaker.

The most important thing is that you place those bets exactly as i have advised, because that is how you can be sure that you are going to win.

And if you follow my advice and One Pound Method your wins will be identical to mine.

This is the advice and method that is currently producing a £2,000 profit per week for me!

And it does not matter who you are, what you do or if you are completely new to betting, because all you need to enjoy success is an email address and five minutes of free time each day.

A little about me and how i got here:

I’ve always been very good with numbers, ever since i was a young boy.

At school i was so impressive that I was easily the best student, regardless of age, and i won many national competitions as i progressed.

My teachers recognised this and assured me that i would be a major success one day, if i kept at my studies and went on to University and beyond.

But there has always been something in me that wanted more.

Having my head stuck in a book and my hand glued to a calculator for the next fifty years didn’t seem overly appealing to me.

Where is the excitement in that?

In my own time i would read encyclopedias, the travel pages in the newspaper, and dream about a greater escape.

And later as i went through University these thoughts of a better life grew more and more.

Sure i was at the top of all of my classes but i could see that being a numbers man would only bring me so much satisfaction.

I wanted more: cars, houses and holidays, and i realised that the best way to get all that i wanted would be to use what nature had given me: my remarkable talent for all things mathematics.

But how could i use my natural talent to serve me best and to help me achieve my dreams?

I opened my eyes and to look at what was around me.

My father had always loved horse racing and weekends were spent listening to the races and darting down to the local bookmaker to place his bets for him.

Daily race meetings, multiple races, and plenty of opportunities to pick a winner.

And there it was. The numbers that i knew so well and that were my natural strength were right there, right in front of me:

Horse racing is all about numbers!

So i began to explore the world of racing and betting in greater depth.

There were opportunities to win every day, sometimes more than twenty times!

And with a skill for numbers also comes a need for accuracy.

So i began developing what we now know as the One Pound Method.

Starting off with £1 bets i dedicated days, months, and years to developing the One Pound Method so that i could produce a constant profit.

As more wins came in my bank balance grew… more and more… and so did my confidence.

How couldn’t it? The proof was right there, i was winning every day!

And once i was 100% sure that i was on to a winning method i started to increase the amount of my bets, from £1 to £10, from £10 to £100, and so on.

And with the constant wins and profits came all that i had dreamed of, everything that i had been working for since i was young boy: the cars, the houses, and the holidays.

And not just one of each, now i have several cars in the driveway and several houses across the country, and i can take a holiday anywhere in the world that i like anytime!

Now that i have proven that the One Pound Method is successful, and that it is capable of providing an on-going income and everything that i could ever want or need, what else is there to achieve?

To help others, that is now my great calling in my life, and that is what i have decided to do.

I have decided to change the lives of fifty lucky people by offering them the very same horse racing tips and bets that i use to generate a very substantial income.

This is indeed life changing information and if you are reading this today then you are one of these lucky people who now have the chance to make a change for the better.

These are some of my recent winning bets:

As you can see i have been winning some big bets

Sounding good? Would you like to know more?

There are no special requirements to join up for my information, and it doesn’t worry me who you are or where you have come from.

All that i ask is that you contribute just £39.99 towards the cost of sending out my information to you.

I will only ask for this payment once, and after that you will receive my information with no expiry date.

And the moment you have joined up you will begin to start profiting immediately.

So let me ask you,
Would you like to join the One Pound Method?

If the answer is yes then this is what you can expect:

Every morning i will email you horse racing bets which will be the exact same bets that i bet with, and which will produce for you the same exact identical results and wins that i profit from.

So this week when i bank £2,000 straight from the bookmakers, you will also have the opportunity to do exactly the same – your bank account can also see an additional £2,000 added to it, if you follow me.

Believe me, this is your best opportunity to make a major life improvement, and very soon you will be able to do all the things that you have ever wanted to do.

You can forget about work, debt and stress, because your life is about to change forever, and I am here and ready to show you how and to help you get started.

Because we all deserve the chance at a better life.

If you are ready to begin earning £100,000 a year from horse race betting then all you have to do it join up on this page, right now, today.

A word of warning though: as soon as these fifty memberships sell out i will be closing my doors.

So I recommend that you take action now and join up to avoid any disappointment and regret.

Today’s winning bets are ready – i can send them to you straight away.

Join me and lets get those bets on!

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