Laptop Repair Video Course: Learn How to Fix Laptops

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If you want to learn how to fix laptops, you’ve come to the right place. Thousands of happy people have taken this easy-to-learn video course prior to you, and are successfully replacing notebook parts and restoring the life and their laptop once and for all.

Best of all, most of our students (laptop-fixing-gurus) had little to no experience when they started. This means anyone can learn how to do this. All you need is the right instructors demonstrating how to do everything in hands-on, instructional HD videos… aren’t you glad you stopped by?! 🙂

The Laptop Repair Course is an online video training program for people who…

Since 2008 laptops have been outselling desktop computers. They’ve become more powerful, battery life has gotten longer, and more people are on-the-go with their devices. If you fix computers and want a larger piece of the pie, you’ve got to learn how to repair laptops!

This is great news for you! First, because we’ll teach you how to carefully open and replace laptop components. And second, since fixing a laptop is intimidating to the average person, it’s a great paid service you can offer. People will be happy to pay you for a repair rather than forking over truckloads of cash for a new laptop.

The Laptop course is all about laptop hardware. There are 48 videos – a total of 11 hours of high quality, HD video, that you can watch anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll have lifetime access to the videos. Your membership will never expire.

Dear Support, I LOVE THIS COURSE!, I have already begun the viewing and I am starting disk 3, I have already diagnoses and repaired 2 laptops, that were previously JUNKED, now are working like new. I’m excited, about what I’ve learned, I just keep stopping and running back to the bench to try it out, and it worked! I will keep you posted on my results, but so far in less than a week I have made enough off the sale of the 2 laptops to cover the cost of my course and my tool kit! GREAT Course, Keep it up!Rick M., North Carolina, USA

I like the course. Not too much in one bite. Easy to understand. I’m repairing several laptops and the course has helped. I’m working on getting up to speed in starting my own business-looking for ways to get an edge as there are quite a few competitors around.Greg O., Iowa, USA

I purchased both the Computer and Laptop repair course and I am enjoying myself immensely. Who said that you cannot teach an ‘Old Dog’ new tricks?Doug S., South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hi Ty, Thanks for the email and also the Laptop Course. I have started watching the Laptop video lessons, it is so amazing. I am in lesson 20 disc 2 Replace Optical Drive MacBook. Today, to my happiness i have been able to know the secret of how to replace HP Laptop Key Board and i did it just after the lesson… Credit to you Guys. THANKSSamuel O., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I was just watching the Laptop Repair Course last night. Everything is perfect, most especially to the students I am training. The videoes are a big help to me and to the students. The best hands-on we ever had.Weon P., New York, USA

Hi yes im still togging along doing the course i think its brilliant really good well happy with it,also yes ive fixed 5 laptops so far with differant problems and without this course it would be alot harder to do,im taking my time with the course so i can get everything on board deep in my mind, i will keep u informed on all progress thanks all! take careDave A., Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Hello Sirs, I have gone through about half of the lessons. Yes I plan on starting my own business very soon as I am about to crack at my regular job as a waiter. The lessons are quite good. Ran into an old friend recently who is certified at fixing xbox’s and cellphones. He also knows a great deal about computers. We are going to start slow with repairing computers as a business. So far I have replace the keyboard on my old Toshiba laptop and also added memory to it and an old desktop that my friend gave me. I have worked on 5 computers total so far. They were all real slow. Three of them had wicked malware etc. on them which I successfully removed. Thank you so much for your site and program.Howard W., New York, USA

My main reason for my purchase was to get some additional information on laptop repair with which to bolster my knowledge and expand my repair capabilities. These lessons turned out to be more beneficial for my needs, and I am satisfied with the product that you provided, and think that it is a good value. I have been repairing desktop computers for about a dozen years, so I wasn’t expecting to learn very much on that subject, but I found the Laptop Repair Course to be quite thorough in the information that is covered. I would also like to add that it is nice to be able to log in from any location and watch the videos provided in the courses.Mark A., Texas, USA

Hi there Ty, My wife bought me the Master Computer Repair DVD set and the Laptop Repair
DVD set last year and I have been viewing them since I first received them. I have to say, I am so delighted indeed to be viewing all these videos as this is exactly what I have been looking for for a while now until I came across your website by chance and my wife decided to buy me both packs. In my free time I tweak and fix computers and its sort of a hobby for me. Thank you very much for providing this product and I am about to start a computer repair company here and make use of the added skills learnt in the videos. Thanks once again and I look forward to many more training materials from your company.Mellie M., Papua New Guinea

Hello, Thank you for checking on me. I’ve almost watched all of the videos for the computer repair and laptop repair but I have just been taking my time and going back and re-watching some and will re-watch others. I really like them so far. Actually, I enjoy seeing things when they don’t work out right. Like if something breaks or screws don’t come out. I appreciate that you all didn’t edit those sceens out because it shows what could happen in the real world. I’ve been able to help 3 people with their computers thanks to the videos. One day I’d like to start my own little business, so I’m trying to get some old computers and some broken laptops to work on so that way if I do mess something up it won’t be crucial.Corey M., Virginia, USA

Hi, I have gone through all the lessons. I find them easy to understand. The videos are great. I plan to use this course to fix my computer when needed. I also have a laptop that needs work. I would highly recommend this to family and friends. Thank you for offering this course. It is much cheaper than most courses and it is easy to understand. The videos help a lot, it’s better to be able to see how things are done. Thank you.Lucy H., New York, USA

I want to take this time to say thank you very much for the course you have prepared. It has help me so much. I have fixed alot of computers and laptop so far. Iam now going into Business and Iam seeking further lessons with your organisations should there be any. Thanks once again for the impact program you have designed.Francis K., Victoria, Australia

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