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If you are serious about becoming a better hockey player we have a training program to help you take your game to the next level.

This is an all-access pass for the hockey player who is ready to take their game to new heights and start dominating on the ice.

The custom programs you will receive will:

➜ Increase your leg power and explosiveness so you can skate faster and fly by opponents on the ice…

➜ Improve your strength, coordination, and balance so you are stronger on the puck and win every puck battle (even against guys twice your size)…

➜ Have unstoppable conditioning so you’re full of energy every shift and can skate at 100% all game long…

➜ Become a reliable scorer and accurate shooter who can put the puck anywhere on the net (with a new powerful shot that will make goalies nervous)

➜ Unlock new mobility, flexibility, and agility so you can move with ease, prevent injuries, and have the edge work to skate circles around your competition…

➜ Skyrocket your confidence and become the “go-to” player that leads your team to victory and makes scouts sit up and take notice…

As a Skills Accelerator VIP member, you will receive exclusive access to:

If becoming a better hockey player is something you are serious about – this is what you need to get there!

Tap the blue button below to join the Hockey Skills Accelerator…

Train like a hockey player from the comfort of your own home with our new Hockey Training TV app!

Now available for FREE download on iOS and Android!

With the new Hockey Training TV platform, you can get the feel of having a 1-on-1 coach at home with these stickhandling and hockey workout videos.

Improve your stickhandling skills with skill sessions with Coach Kevin…

Or improve your speed, strength, and power with no equipment hockey-specific workouts Coach Dan will run you through…

This new way to train is a must for all hockey players, as you can become a better hockey player from home in just 20 minutes or less each day!

With Hockey Training TV, you’ll be getting…

➜ High definition follow along workouts that can be accessed on a phone, tablet, even on a tv! (With 24/7 “go anywhere” access your kid can knock out these workouts from home… in the backyard… and while on vacation).

➜ How to train like an NHLer from home! (These indoor hockey training workouts and techniques are the same thing that the pros use to tighten up their skills and compete at the highest level)

➜ A 1-on-1 personal trainer experience right in your living room! No need to drive anywhere!  Plus, you won’t pay a single dime for this top-of-the-line training experience!… 

➜ Stickhandling training modules that’ll make them a master with the puck… and able to put defenders in a spin cycle with ease… 

➜ “Hockey Yoga” moves that improve mobility from head to toe and gives players the ability to move freely and unrestricted

➜ The most convenient solution for hockey players of all ages and skill levels who are serious about maximizing their potential and becoming the best hockey player they can be… 

Make sure you download the app today by searching “Hockey Training TV” in the app store.

We’ve created the world’s most time-efficient hockey training system using our revolutionary ARC-Method™, which stands for Active Recovery Customization.

Instead of wasting time scrolling away on your phone during rest periods in between sets, the ARC-Method™ aims to maximize those minutes by incorporating specialized hockey movement drills designed to dramatically improve your hockey performance.

It is entirely customizable so that you can choose what you’d like to focus on most.

Whether you’re looking to improve on your skating, explosiveness, stickhandling, shot power, energy levels, or conditioning — we’ve got you covered.

The ARC-Method™ is backed by science and years of field research. It’s guaranteed to be the single most effective tool you will ever use to start dominating on the ice.

And what’s even better… you won’t need a gym membership or any fancy equipment…

Because the innovative Men’s League Domination ’21 training system includes a Full Gym/Home Gym and Bodyweight ONLY workout program!

Click on the “Learn More” button below and let’s get you started!

We are extremely excited to announce that our newest 2021 Off-Season Training System will be available on March 29th.

Tap on the blue button below to be notified on when it is available + receive insider information on what’s included in the new systems.

These are easily our most revolutionary hockey training systems to date, and we can’t wait to share everything that’s new about this year’s off-season system.

How would you like to help your kid gain an advantage over other players this hockey season?

Through kid-friendly bodyweight training (that can be done at home) we can help make your kid a better and faster skater, improve their conditioning and agility, improve their strength and balance and help them light it up every time they step out on the ice…

The OPT6 Peak Performance System backed by the latest knowledge in sports performance and aims to provide your kid with the necessary amount of training stimulus needed to improve upon their strength and explosiveness without overtaxing the nervous system during the hockey season. 

Your kid will have more fun on the ice, and you will be helping them reach their true star-studded potential in the sport they love…

Click on the “Learn More” button below and let’s get you started!

For hockey players ages 15+ who are ready to absolutely dominate the ice every shift they step out for…

The new OPT6 Peak Performance System is backed by the latest knowledge in sports performance and aims to provide you with the necessary amount of training stimulus needed to improve upon your strength and explosiveness without overtaxing the nervous system during the hockey season. 

The 6-Phase system is divided into 3 separate training blocks. 

Each block utilizes a different training methodology to ensure that you are always one-upping the competition. The variety also keeps things fun and engaging so that you’re always motivated to keep improving your game.

And the best part is… you won’t need a gym membership or any fancy equipment…

Because the all-new In-Season Domination ’20 workout system includes a Full Gym, Home Gym, and Bodyweight ONLY program!

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FINALLY…A hockey training program designed specifically for the female players!

Men and women have some physiological differences (larger Q angle & different muscle fibers) that make it beneficial for women to follow a program designed specifically for females if you want the best results on the ice…

We’ve taken the sports science into consideration and have put together the PERFECT hockey training system for motivated female hockey players who want to dominate on the ice…

This program includes 3 phases of training to ensure you become a faster, more explosive player who is ready to take over every single game you play!

Click on the ‘Learn More’ button below to get the full details!

Make your dreams of becoming a sought-after hockey trainer come true… With the first-ever hockey-specific training and coaching certification designed EXCLUSIVELY for training hockey players at any level — from beginner to advanced.

By the time you complete this detailed and user-friendly course, you’ll be considered a Certified Hockey Training Specialist with the ability to transform any hockey athlete’s game using an exciting, scientific, and practical approach to training…

All you have to do is “plug n’ play” the information from this 16-week course and instantly become a respected, authoritative and celebrated coach athletes will drive miles just to train with because of the big on-ice improvements you will help them achieve!

We have more hockey training programs that you can find by tapping on the button below:

There are two different “seasons” for a hockey player – the in-season and the off-season.  Hockey players need to be training differently during these two seasons in order to get the most out of their hockey training and improve on the ice.

The off-season is when hockey players will need to have a 100% focus on their training and work hard at getting stronger, more powerful and more explosive, which will directly transfer to being faster, more explosive and all-around better on the ice during the season.

A professionally designed hockey workout program is necessary to ensure you are going through the proper periodization so you come into training camp or tryouts at your best.

During the season our main goal is performance on the ice. We look to maintain (or improve upon) the progress we made during the off-season so that we can perform at a top-level throughout the season and stay injury-free.

Hockey players who don’t have a proper hockey training program in place to follow during the season will often get weaker, more injury-prone, and start to decline at the end of the season when the most important games are being played.

We create our in-season hockey training programs to ensure that you will be dominating your opponents all the way throughout your hockey season.

Whether you are looking for a hockey workout program for the in-season or the off-season, we’ve got you covered here at!