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“All Common Guitar and Piano Chords at Your Fingertips!”

With our ebooks on Guitar and Piano chords you can easily convert Guitar to Piano chords, play music for Guitar on the Piano, convert Piano to Guitar chords and play Piano chords on the Guitar. We also have an extensive library for Guitar and Piano students and educators. Download a free sample copy of our Guitar and Piano Chord eBook to get started and view more samples of our chord books on our website.

Q:  Overall, what does the e-Book package provide?

A:  Have you ever needed to see corresponding chords for Guitar and Piano?   Have you ever needed a portable way to view the chords?  With Guitar and Piano chords available on any device, that is what our e-Book package will do for you!  “String Theory: Guitar and Piano Chords in Parallel” provides a means of translating any music between the Guitar or Piano by presenting all of the standard chords (120+) between both instruments, wherever you are.

– John B., Fort Wayne, IN