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English Bull Terrier – equally applicable to puppies, re-homes and rescue’s – learn not only about an owners problems but also the sheer enjoyment gained during the course of bringing one up from a puppy! 

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Are you worried that this might be you?

” An English Bull Terrier ! (they are sometimes known as ‘bullies’) I’d like to own one but I’m worried about looking after it properly, about feeding it, training it and it’s general health as I’ve not owned a pedigree dog before and want to do the best for it”

Some of the things we describe in our English Bull Terrier eBook are:

 Choosing a puppy, Re-homes, Rescues – whichever you go for, we have some helpful tips.

 Preparation, Diet, Potty Training – what to do to get yourself ready for the new arrival !

 Accidents, Walking, Collars and Leads – our experience of being taken for a walk!

 Sleeping, Exercise, Treats, Kennels – what they expect from you and what a dog does best!

 Bad Language, Bad Habits – again, his expectations of you and your strange habits!

 Health signs, Grooming, Bathing – and some of the early warning signs to look out for.

 Visits to the VET – GULP! Say this quietly V.E.T!

The English Bull Terrier eBook is available from this site as a PDF, can be opened to view and print on almost any computer system – PC, Apple Mac, Linux and is available for immediate download after payment. It requires Adobe’s Acrobat reader (download it here – Adobe’s Acrobat software) to be able to view it.

Oh . . just so you know that Tyson is real here a very short video (less than 10 seconds) of a very short walk – if he had the chance he would stay in the car all day! 

More videos to follow – see our English Bull Terrier on YouTube as well !

He’s also a bundle of energy – when he’s NOT “On Guard” of course!

See him on YouTube at “English Bull Terrier – doing what he does best” as well !

Another of our home videos to show our boy at play!

See him on YouTube at “English Bull Terrier – doing what he does best” as well !

A catalogue of experiences and what to expect! 

This eBook described is really a catalogue of the upbringing of our English Bull Terrier Tyson Bullwinkle III from a puppy, with all the problems and enjoyment of doing so. We are not dog breeders merely responsible owners, we read all that we could get our hands on but still nothing prepared us for such a dog!

I’m sure that our experiences will closely match yours as English Bull Terriers have many love-able traits from loyalty to boisterousness to name just two!

A little while ago we lost our much loved English Bull Terrier Tyson from ill health, he was 14 years old. We acted as responsible owners and as he was suffering we allowed him to gently be put to sleep – I was with him to reassure him that all was well and not to worry. 

The last chapter in the eBook mentions this and some may find this upsetting, we certainly did and are utterly heartbroken.

The introductory price for this humorous look at living with an English Bull Terrier is: 

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Us – that is, my wife Heather who absolutely dotes on dogs and myself – who used to just tolerate them but secretly now loves the English Bull Terrier. 

Many of the things that have happened were not described anywhere so we felt like pioneers going forward with our new puppy. 

So, this is a catalogue or diary of the upbringing and antics of our English Bull Terrier dog, showing many of the untruths, misconceptions and unfounded gossip about this breed of beautiful dogs which some have actually described as (gulp) – ugly or bizarre! 

If you have any doubts about this purchase, please let me assure you that I will refund your money if you are dissatisfied for any reason, without quibble!

(I would appreciate a short email from you to let me know why as I will try to correct it for future purchasers!)

The introductory price for this humorous look at life with an English Bull Terrier is: 

(The dollar price is fixed but the GBP and Euro equivalent will fluctuate slightly – country tax will also be added at checkout)

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